Image series, which has been loved by many people for many years,  One by one, each set is hand-finished by skilled   craftsmen, making their value higher.   The goal of Image series is to reach high end sounds with an affordable price.    We produce a range of speakers that meets various prices and various listening environments.

         The entry level model, Image401, may be our cheapest speaker but you can still experience high quality sound.       To Our Top model, Reveletion 2, you can feel the absolute high end sound possible.

In our Image series,  we equipped the Crossover network without using a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) which is used in most mass produced electronics.  By directly connecting each component with a PTP (POINT TO POINT direct connection), loss of sound signals are minimized to an absolute minimum.  Our entire cross over network is manufactured with a production method with the intent of sparing no cost which creates a very high end product.