Born out of Audio Note UK as the Audio Note Kit company in 2004 ANKits is a world leader in high end DIY audio.
We produce the highest quality audio kits available in today's high end Audio DIY market.

Kit1 circuit layout
simple & effective with three pcbs

The Kit1 circuit has had no real changes in the last 20 years, a testament to the integrity of this classic AN design. It's layout is simple with 3 high quality PCB’s containing top quality components. Signal paths are kept to the absolute minimum and the boards layout has been designed for ease of assembly and soldering.


Power: 8 Watts Class A

Output Tubes: 2 x 300B

1st Stage Gain: 6SN7

Rectifier Tube: 5U4GB

Front Insert Plate: Solid Copper

Option of Elma 3 input selector

Outputs: 1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8, 16 ohms

Recommended Speakers: min 88dB

Width: 53 cm

Height: 20 cm

Depth: 45 cm

Weight: 18 Kilos

Chassis: 3mm Aluminum with Black Powder Coat

Parts Compliment includes:

IE Core Output Transformers

TAKMAN  1W Resisters (non magnetic)

Mundorf Silver Gold Oil Film Caps*

PTFE Silver Plated Hookup Wire

Elna Cerafine Cathode By pass Cap

RubyCon Electrolytics

Solid Copper Insert Plate

Audio Note Silver RCA’s

Audio Note Silver Speaker Posts

Audio Note AN-A shielded cable

*Enquire if you prefer Audio Note Copper caps

What customers are saying about the 300b Single Integrated Amplifier.

Unpacking an Audio Note kit is a distinct pleasure and the first aspect of the enjoyable and fulfilling experience of creating a truly exceptional audio component. The quality and finish of the Transformers and choke are incredible. For a SET Amp the high level of attention to finish and aesthetic detail assure a finished product that looks a fine as it sounds. The consistently high level of supplied components is remarkable; the measured values of the resistors were within .05% Amazing!

Following the excellent graphics and high resolution schematics provided, it was possible to focus on each aspect of the build successively to assure perfect mechanical preparation, component installation and PC Builds, including useful notes on techniques which will result in the best build quality and consistency (e.g. soldering notes for surface mounted resistors). The result is a remarkable balanced and dynamic SET Amplifier which exceeds the quality of anything I have heard from other manufacturers of either kits or finished components.

Upon completing the kit, voltages were checked employing the included reference sheet and were within .08% of the specifications provided. Inserting the driver and power tubes and connecting to my reference system yielded a much unexpected result: silence. Without regard to the high quality of interconnects, power cables and power conditioning and ground, even the previous Class A system announced its functionality with a VERY low level noise floor. My suspicion was some error in construction: perhaps no audio path? The actual explanation for a soundless startup was again surprising, the noise floor of this amplifier was so low that it was effectively imperceptible with virtually full deflection of the level control!

The reproduction quality of the amplifier is exquisite. From the first moment of listening the reproduction exhibits a clear, balanced dynamic quality with remarkable speed and power not considered a hallmark of SET designs. The original design achievements of this amplifier have indeed benefited from the detailed and very uncommon commitment of Brian Smith at ANK to continue the improvement of already distinguished components.
Bob Laidlaw California Dec 2014. Note: Bob's build in featured in the underside photo in panel 2 above!


Just wanted to let you know that I have my Kit1 amp pretty much the way I want it now. I have a pair of Sophia Electric Princess mesh plate 300B's, a Sophie Electric 6SN7, Two NOS Tung-Sol 5687's, and my new Khozmo attenuator installed. The sound is amazing, even played through my test speakers. My new speakers will arrive over the weekend. I love the new attenuator. Your were right, it just fit. I love the control it offers at the low volume. Also, as the volume increases, the base response is flatter than the Alps POT. Thanks for your recommendation. The Princess mesh plates look amazing and sounds even better! Once my speakers come in I will be breaking in the system for a couple of months and then I will let you know just how much more I love the amp.
Randy Yach June 2013


Alright, Brian...
How did you manage to get that much detail out of an 8 watt amp?!? I am so impressed with the Kit 1. I cannot believe how much money over the past 20 years I have spent looking for this kind of sound.
Glenn Seitz May 2012 audio note customer quotes
audio note client review
I spent the first couple days listening to all of the songs that sounded great on my old 2A3 amp. It's hard to explain the difference other than to say the music is much richer and has much better projection.
Albums that are recorded well like:
Dire Straits - Brother in Arms
Natalie Merchant - Ophelia, Tiger Lily
Jeff Beck - Live at Ronnie Scotts
Bela Fleck - Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
Jerry Garcia & David Grisham - Grateful Dawg
Are just scary good. When you close your eyes and play Bela's Star Spangled Banner, it sounds like he is right in front of you and you can hear the banjo music sound like he is walking in from the left and exiting on the right. Same with Jerry and David on Friend of the Devil. It just sounds like they are sitting there in front of you.
Robin Adair


Just wanted to update you. This is a fabulous Amp, effortlessly driving my Klipsch. Broken in now, it is full and rich, but very detailed in the mids. Imaging is incredibly solid and sound stage layered nicely.
Jack Robertson


Now you're talking ! Sounds good
"the past few days the sound has just been absolutely brilliant. Maybe it is the temperature (winter is coming), maybe the 300bs breaking in even further. The sound is refined, better balanced now then I expected it to become and vocals, piano and some other instruments sound just stunning :). Imaging is still as good as ever."
Johan de jong


Hi Brian, Kit1 signature PQ edition with HiB transformers (now Improved!) delivers an outrageous performance and quality, has real torque on bass, engaging rhythm and is almost silent with my 102dB speakers. It's about 20hrs running only but exceeded my expectations.
Felice Seregni, Italy


I completed the build of my Kit1 amp on Sunday and only need to tidy up the wiring now. In the meantime I have been able to listen to two or three CD,s.
Even without allowing burn in time I'm very impressed with the sound and even more impressed with the sound stage. I've come to realise that my speakers are a lot better than I thought. I loved my old Kit1 but it doesn't bear comparison with the new one on any aspect. The thought that it can only get better as it settles down delights me.
Thank you for the efforts you have made to help me to succesfully complete the building of the amp, I couldn't have asked for more.
Terry Kelly


Initial Reaction
The sounds I am hearing from this setup are just wonderful. As compared to the previous system (which I still have as a reference) the sound is richly detailed against an absolutely black background and very three dimensional.
I have never had a sonic experience like this in my own home before. And this is with only about five hours of burn in time so far.
The amplifier power is beyond adequate for the speakers. It is a perfect match as best I can tell.
Some time later
I am listening to my kit 1 as I write this on my laptop. Joe Williams is crooning as never before in my living room. The sound of the amp with the Silverline Sonatina's is truely beautiful. The amp probably has perhaps 30 hours on it now. I cannot imagine the sound improving beyond what I hear at this point even though this is still on the low side for burning in a tube amp. The sound is so fine already.
Christopher Miller


After some hours of work when I heard the unbelievable realism and transparency of the sound without any hum I was really surprised. There is no feeling of tiredness even after long hours of listening. The emotional side of the music that you can get only with high end products is delivered without any restriction for a very reasonable price. All the instruments are clearly identified and the special localization of the instruments is perfect. The dynamic is close to the reality from the very deep bass to high frequencies and there are no artificial colorations, the response curve seems to be very homogeneous. The absence of inter modulation effects increase the justness and the reality of the sound. I was used to listen music with my Audio Note Kit four and Preamp kit assembled 5-6 years ago, the result was excellent up to the day when I finished the Kit 1.I am now discovering all my CDs in a different way and I am surprised with many details which were not audible before. Thanks to Audio Note for this high quality product.
Rifat Gursel - France


There are quite a few DIY kits in the market. After spending many hours researching which kit to build, I finally chose AN Kit1. Last kits I built were over twenty years ago, the Hafler pre and power amplifiers, which I still have, connected to Maggies II with JBL double 10" Alnico inside Acoustat sub box, and a pair of B&W 801s. I still have the Micro Seiki DQ-500 turntable.The first music I played on my Kit1 was Narada's 'Yosemite'. I could not believe the clearness of all the instruments flowing out from the speakers and you can feel the vastness of Yosemite infront of you. Unlike the solid states, music from Kit1 is softer yet precise and accurate from high to low notes. I can't wait to upgrade my Kit1.
Chris Tsai


During my time with the Kit One I have upgraded it a lot. All capacitors, except for those in the power supply board, are now Black Gates of various types. The Black Gates are well worth the relatively high price – they really are. The Black Gates makes the sound quality climb several steps on the High-End-Ladder. The openness and transparency is now unheard of - I have to laugh every time I put on a piano concert because of the incredible realism provided by the Kit One. I’m a pianist myself and I tell you: If you know how a piano sounds like in a concert hall, the Kit One with some upgrades could probably be the best sounding amp you have EVER heard!
Trond Seland, Norway


From the very first musical notes that emanated from the Kit 1 I knew that this amp was different. As a matter of fact it reminded me of my first tube mono blocks, VTL Compact 100s, in the way it presented a full orchestral sound field. It has gotten better with break in and even though I have in the same room a pair of Atma-Sphere M-60s, I continue to listen to the Kit 1 in happy astonishment.Yes, the Black Gates warmed up quite nicely and now after a five minute kick start in the morning, my kit 1 becomes a maven of musical presentation. It's just fascinating.
Rick Justice, West Virginia U.S.A


I am going through my vinyl collection again because everything sounds so amazing, like hearing everything for the 1st time!!!
The kit one is DEAD silent and the music flows out of it like nothing I have ever heard before. My humble Rega p3/Dynavector is a shining beacon of analog bliss.
Erik Anderson


I had pretty much made my way through all the established hifi brand names, and had actually placed a deposit on a (then) new Mark Levinson power amp when I stumbled upon a Kit 1 system driving some skanky old Lowthers.It is no exaggeration to say that all the blood drained from my face ( a friend who was there can testify to this!) and I just could not believe what I was hearing before me. Here was an actual flesh and blood performance being recreated extemporaneously before my very 'eyes', and everything hifi had talked about and promised, but I guess I'd not till then known that they'd never delivered. Nothing short of a paradigm shift could explain the experience---in that one instant, I lost whatever trust I had had for mainstream scribes and dealers in one blow.
A happy kit one owner in Toronto, Canada