We moved to a new place.

The new address is B1, 417 East Tamaki Rd,
East Tamaki, Auckland.

In 1968, a passionate young man by the name of Chris Ball began the small production of loudspeakers.

Monitor Acoustic Speakers was chosen to manufacture cabinets for the NZ importers of LINN, Mission, Energy, Meridian, Celestion, Magnat, and many more.

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which has been loved by many people for many years,

One by one, each set is hand-finished by skilled craftsmen, making their value higher. The goal of Image series is to reach high end sounds with an affordable price. We produce a range of speakers that meet various prices and various listening environments.

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We are the official New Zealand distributor of the UK - based Lowther speakers.

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Image Loudspeakers is
a New Zealand agent of the
Canadian based company ANK.

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Do you want to see the beautiful
Sounding sculpture?

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Our back loaded horn speaker system, the Antiquato series has a unique energy-efficient design and it allows the driving from a low-power amplifier. It is good from the point of view of the sensitive sound.   >



Sounding beautiful sculpture,  A piece of art from sound and beauty We wanted to store  a high quality sound to the beautiful bowl.  It is our goal to make loudspeakers that people want to keep for a long  >



Professional recording studio, broadcasting studio and private studios these are demanding  more accuracy, more precision monitor speaker.If your needs demand  these applications for your studio  look no further   >