Update  : 1 SEP 2018



NZD 1395

Image 401 Monitor fulfils all expectations as a precise mini-monitor, providing a large and natural sound stage, excellent instrument focus and a highly controlled bass.

Studio Referance

NZD 1595

Image Studio Reference is a superb two channel monitor for small to medium size listening rooms where high performance and tonal accuracy is paramount.


NZD 1895

This stunning model belies such modest dimensions and offers the bass response and ‘weight’ normally found in much larger speakers.


NZD 2395

Image 411 offers even greater low-frequency “weight” than the 410, coupled with slightly higher sensitivity and power handling for use in larger rooms.


NZD 2995

Image Troubador offers a bass response and quality that truly defies its diminutive proportions.


NZD 2495

Image 412.2 frequency matched tweeters ensures pin-point image accuracy and instrument placement, a prerequisite for this high-end speaker.

Image 414

NZD 3295

Image has designed the 414 in a ‘two and a half way’ configuration that offers higher sensitivity and higher power handling


NZD 3995

Maestro is the perfect choice for audio and home theatre aficionados who desire a large scale sound stage and a full bodied bass response.

Revelation 2

NZD 5995

At the heart of Revelation are state-of-the-art drivers that integrate perfectly to present a totally seamless top-to bottom sound source.


Antiquato Uno 1.1

NZD 2950

Compact high performance single unit speaker system.
Equipped with high quality 6.5”full range driver.

Antiquato Duo 2.1

NZD 4250

More powerful 8” full range driver with horn loaded
super tweeter to reach clear.

Antiquato Corno 3.1

NZD 5895

High-performance double 8” full range driver unit
with titanium horned tweeter.


Bello Casa

NZD 8995

We find a house that is over 100 years old, and we get a beautiful rimu that comes out at the time of demolition.

Bello Lady

NZD 15750

Bello LADY is focused to design to reproduce midrange sounds so that people's voices can be expressed well.

Bello Musique


The sound from Bello musique is enough to impress listeners heavy metal to full orchestra operas.


Ref M 2.1.1

NZD 3950

Compact high performance 2-way studio monitor. Equipped with high quality handmade drivers.

Ref M 3.2.1

NZD 5765

Ref M3.2.1 is a flexible 3-way cost effective front ported monitor, Equipped with high quality handmade drivers.

Ref M 4.2.1

NZD 9770

Ref M4.2.1 is a high performance compack size, dual front ported 3-way monitor Equipped with high quality handmade drivers.

Ref M 4.2.2

NZD 14860

Ref M4.2.1 is our flagship and without compromise high performance dual front ported 3-way monitor