The circuit

The Legend Power Supply has been designed for ultimate sonics - lightweight and snappy! Our new T-195 Mains transformer supports taps for both single and parallel configurations.
The classic 5U4G tube rectifier circuit sees a 30uf Mundorf PS cap mounted inside the chassis along with a monster 300ma choke to smooth the rectified AC. A single 100+100uf (35mm diameter) Mundorf capacitor stands solo at the back of the chassis and steps the voltage down for the 6SH7 driver tube - the ultimate in simplicity!

Two .47uf film caps are installed inside the chassis along with about 12 resistors. The 6SH7 is configured in a pentode configuration in the Legend MonoBlock. Our Expert Wiring Guide shows you how to build your Legend like a pro!


Power: 8.5 Watts Class A (Single 300B)

18-20 Watts Class A (Parallel 300B)

3.5 Watts Class A (Single 2A3)

18-20 Watts Class A (Parallel 2A3)

Output Tubes: 2 or 4 x 300B / 2A3

1st Stage Gain: 6SH7

Rectifier Tube: 5U4GB

Inputs: 1

Outputs: 1 x Stereo Pair 4, 8, 16 ohms

Recommended Speakers: min 88dB

Width: 24.,5 cm

Height: 20.5 cm

Depth: 38 cm

Weight: 25 Kilos

Parts Compliment includes:

TAKMAN 1W Resistors

Power Supply Capacitors:

Mundorf 100+100 & 30uf 600v

Panasonic FC series cathode caps

PTFE Silver Plated Hookup Wire

Shuguang 300B Tubes

Audio Note Speaker Posts

Audio Note Speaker RCA’s

Ceramic Hard-wiring Posts

Solid Copper Insert Plate

What customers are saying about the PSE 300b Mono block Amplifier.

The Legend sounds beautiful, the amp was used over the weekend but with LP's it's what you hear that was never spotted before, there is this dimension of sound a separation of instruments and what is more amazing is you can tell the difference between string double base and say fender base! the vibration of the string and its continuing decay is heard instruments are placed and distinguishable. Yes I'm chuffed.
Les 1


Have completed the build of the Legends and have been listening over the week, I have got what I had hoped for,big effortless sound quality with firm bass definition and individual instrument placing,vocalists are superb with a large image between the speakers, close your eyes and the stage widens even more!
After Christmas will be coming back for the L3.
Les Golder UK


I have finished both amps and they are now in my main room playing. Very, very nice. The bass is amazing. Tight, well controlled, just like being in front of a bass man in a club! Wow. Everything else is working beautifully even though it has not had a chance to settle in, as in capacitors, transformers and tubes! I can hardly wait! The sense of air around performers, detail, speed and sheer punch is simply amazing! I am seriously looking forward to what it will sound like with a few hundred hours of run time!
Thank you Brian for this little gem you're offering! It's a keeper!
Michael Hardyman