Image Loudspeakers is a New Zealand agent of the Canadian based company ANK.
We import parts from ANK and manufacture finished products by highly skilled technicians in New Zealand.
We guarantee the quality of the products we manufacture and sell.
we provide a 1 year Parts warranty and 3 years manufacturing warranty.
We only add 10% of the original price of Canada as a manufacturing and warranty surcharge. The shipping and GST is additional.

about ANK Audio kits

What is the history of ANK Audio kits?

ANKits is the leading supplier of High End Audio Kits for the world wide market. Born out of Audio Note UK as the 'Audio Note Kit' business it started out with the famous Single Ended Kit1 300b amplifier and the DAC 1.1. Working with Audio Note engineering over the last decade an entire range of products were developed, tweaked and enhanced to incredible levels based on the Audio Note design philosophy.

Today ANKits is continuing it's DIY philosophy working with excellent parts suppliers like Hifi Collective. The kits have matured tremendously over the years and nothing but top of the line parts and components are included. Audio Note parts are used in the a majority of the high end line along with Takman, V-CAP, ELMA, Rubycon, KHOZMO and others.

There was a recent name change from Audio Note Kits to ANK Audio Kits. Audio Note UK is also announcing that they are no longer in the kit business. What is the story?

Peter Qvortrup, president of Audio Note UK and a long time supporter of the DIY industry wanted to make it clear that the kit business is not being run within Audio Note and that a separate leadership/business is running the finished product business vs the kit business. The main reason for this name change was that Audio Note UK finished products was getting inundated with enquiries about kits either at their headquarters in the UK or via their world wide dealer network (45 in total) or anytime they went to Audio shows displaying their finished product line. It was clearly time to divide the kit business & finished products into two separate companies!

In the early days of Audio Note Kits the kit business was a very small fraction of the sales that it is today. With just a Kit 1 and a DAC 1.1, the kit business was hardly noticed and flew under the radar. But after ten years of hard work ANK Audiokits now has an extensive range of products and sold more than 2000 kits in the last decade. With all this ANK Audiokits garnering a lot of attention from audiophiles and DIY’ers worldwide. So the official line now is that Audio Note UK is not in the kit business and please contact ANK Audiokits for any enquiries into kits!

Audio Note UK has enough on their plate with a huge finished product line and dealers throughout the world that they are supplying, as well as a large DIY parts sales channel. They continue to supply their Speaker Kits, Tantalum Resistors, Tin, Copper and Silver Film Capacitors , a range of C-Core Transformers etc. to the DIY world. Meanwhile ANK Audiokits still works with Audio Note engineering on a contract basis as we always have, and we continue to buy quantities of Audio Note parts for the kits – Tantalum Resistors, Audio Note Film Capacitors, speciality C-Core Transformers, AN shielded cable, AN Silver RCA’s, AN Speaker Posts, AN Speaker Kits etc.

Our focus will always be to deliver high quality audio kits based on the Audio Note design philosophy, working with Audio Note engineering and supplying Audio Note parts wherever possible (dependent on customer budgets).

It's important to remember that the finished products and the kit business work under two totally different business models:
Finished products are sold through dealers at boutiques where prospective customers can demo and touch the systems in advance – the retail end of the market.
The kit business is a mail order DIY business direct from manufacturer to customer with lower markup as we don’t have the same overhead as finished products.
We will continue with the DIY business model and it will be business as usual at ANK Audiokits! DIY is not for everyone, but for those in the know, it can offer tremendous advantages in price v performance and customization!

Keep visiting our website as we make further enhancements to the product displays and continue to expand our product range with some further exciting new models in 2014 in all areas of high-end two channel audio.

We would like to thanks our customers over the last ten years that have helped us make ANK Audiokits what it is today!

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